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Rauha on hyvää juttu! -- Peace is a good thing!

My name is Ben, I am 25 and studied physics (M.Sc.) and maths (B.Sc.) at the University of Göttingen. Currently, I am a (very fresh) Ph.D. student in particle physics at DESY Zeuthen near to Berlin within the group of Priscilla Pani. The topic of our research is the search for Higgs sector extending Dark Matter particles with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC at CERN. We are also working on a contribution towards the ATLAS ITk Strips upgrade, which points towards replacing the inner detector of ATLAS for the High Luminosity Upgrade of the LHC. I did Mathematical Physics in my undergraduate Physics, writing my Bachelor's thesis about the infinite spin representation of the Poincare group. Half way through my Master's degree, I decided to switch to experimental Physics. Finally, my Master's thesis was about the recommissioning of the ATLAS DBM, a luminosity and beam background diamond detector at the ATLAS experiment. I was a summer student at DESY Hamburg in 2015 (FLC) and at CERN (ALPIDE / ALICE) in 2016. The first year of my Master's I spent abroad in Helsinki, Finland, at Helsingin yliopisto -- The University of Helsinki, where I had a remarkable time and met many very wonderful people!
My Bachelor's thesis in mathematics was about a comparison of two discretised Laplace Operators: One by the Virtual Element Method and one by a geometric method employing methods from differential geometry.
In my free time I play the french horn and the drums, enjoy a climb and love listening to electronic music. I am a passionate dancer and enjoy discussion politics and society with my friends.
I hope you enjoy your stay on my website. You can find some of my projects, some pictures from Helsinki, Hamburg, Berlin and some other places below. :)
You can find my projects here, ranging from an HTML5 editor and an imagecropper to a DMX web control tool not completed yet. Many of my projects aim at not needing a big CMS in order to easily alter your website. They create static content and thus allow for maximum performance. They are ideal, if you want to write a template, which is editable for others at certain points only, which you can decide easily. The idea came from a gentleman called Jonas and was implemented from 2014 to 2015. The DMX web control tool is a more recent project (from 2018). It was created by my friend Christoph, since he wasn't willing to pay for a DMX software that is not very handy.

Project Description Version Link
Inline-Editor This tool provides an inline-editor based on TINYMCE. Using its features, the tools basically consists of a php-file to implement and save changes. The file to be edited can be specified in the editor.php file. The div-elements that are supposed to be edited simply get the class "edit me" (without the white space). As a little "hint": Try CTRL+S to save ;). 0.3 No-Link
Imagecropper The imagecropper allows you to change the content of an image marked with the class "img-editable". You can upload a new image and arrange it in the imageframe, provided by the img-tag with the mouse. The image will then be cropped to the selected area. When editing the image again, the uploaded original will still be in place and you will be able to rearrange it or upload a new image. 0.2 Link
Private Stuff
I had the wonderful opportunity to spent September 2014 - May 2015 at Helsingin yliopisto, Helsinki, Finland. The time there was remarkable. I met incredible people and saw beautiful things. I wish to share some of these beautiful moments here with you. In addition, I added some pictures from Berlin and Hamburg in 2015. *To come soon, problems with JS lib*